AdMOKO is a Media & Marketing company, with over 200 million app users and over 15 million social media fans in the world.

  • Admoko specializes in advanced digital strategy, analysis and optimization.
  • We operate one of the most popular social game in the world.
  • Our connetion covers all major news and media companies all over the world.
  • We tailor all of our solutions to match your unique infrastructure and goals.
  • We are committed primarily to your ROI.
  • Our unique business model is based on the satisfaction of users and our media partners.


Our Technology ensures advertisers that the most relevant ads are delivered to the right audience at the right time to significantly increase roi.


Admoka is the easy, effective and fast way to monetize your websit

Media Publishing

Admoko works with over 200 news sites to provide content and journalistic articles.

  • Media Strategy

    Identifying the characteristics of the target audience or market, with our strategy you caninfluence the behaviour of the target audience or market.

  • Digital Marketing

    We work with publishers, ad networks, ad exchanges to make sure your ad delivers to as much audiences as possible, backed with our digital marketing smart solution.

  • Brand Protection

    We ensure a maximum control of brand safety. Don't need to worry about seeing your ad creatives on unsuitable web sites anymore.

  • Mobile Marketing

    Mobile is very different from web, we work with over 10+ mobile networks & exchange to deliver results on mobile.

  • Performance Track

    Our in-house track system collects data that shows your ads performance on different channels, device, day time etc.

  • ROI Optimization

    We contiously optimize to help you archiving your campaign targets more effectively, by optimizing algorithmically towards to CTR, CPC, CPA.

  • High Fill rates and eCPMs across platforms

    • Aggregates campaign from our strong sales team and global ad source partners
    • Proprietary optimization engines choose the best eCPM campaigns
    • Ensures higher overall revenue for your traffic
  • Global Ad Source Partners

    • Strong in-house Sales team
    • 20+ ad source partners across the world
    • Strong relationship with global digital agencies
    • Strong relationship with China's online game advertisors
  • Comprehensive Ad Formats

    • We support all important & MMA standard ad formats
    • Allows you to get better rates for Rich media and new ad formats
    • Non-intrusive & rich user experience for your audience
    • Performance ad supported for our publishers
  • Dedicated Support

    • Support available almost round the clock
    • Quick resolution of your queries and concerns
    • Dedicated account managers for accounts of certain size
    • We value each publisher and help you grow


Admoko is a international digital marketing & media publishing company with different solutions for advertise on both web and mobile. We have several years of advertising & publishing experience with global companies like CNN, Foxnews, NBC, Facebook etc.
Admoko technology integrates and provides access to our publishers, ad networks, ad exchanges in order to achieve data-driven media buying power. We work with fast-moving companies that need measurable and results-oriented solutions, supported by technological development and focusing on quality audiences.

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